J Young- Introduction


    Hi Everybody.

My primary emphasis in this project is to explore the personal convictions of how I operate in my business as chief operating officer at a cleaning and restoration company here in the Pacific Northwest. Understanding and developing our people is a key part of what I do on a daily basis in addition to serving our customers and clients with maximum empathy. We like to not just say, but really live out a mission that underscores the lifetime relationships we are building with our clients and employees instead of making it merely a transactional effort. In this space, I hope to build on the first principles that I rely on to keep myself and our company’s mission on track to achieve our goals… calibrating the compass so to speak.


    Justin and I have known each other for about 15 years now and while our paths have varied, we’ve always found that they have not been exactly divergent. We co-own a history of writing, playing, and sharing music together which makes this creative endeavor in the written word a familiar collaboration for us… only in a differ medium. We hope to create something between us here in this space by adding clay from the tera firma of our own unique perspectives and backgrounds. Sometimes cutting back, smoothing, and shaping the creation to reveal the true nature of our opinions…. and maybe once in a while, we will drag the whole thing out to the gravel pit and shoot it up a bit to see if it can withstand an good old fashioned beat-down.  


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