Introducing: The Dignity Principle

Welcome to our project. We are two friends who have come together in this place to illuminate our ideas about human behaviors from the unique perspectives of our personal experiences and career paths. We hope to create a community here as we explore the concepts of leadership, fulfillment, respect, motivation, authority, authenticity, intrinsic value, and more.

dignity (n.)Look up dignity at Dictionary.comearly 13c., from Old French dignite “dignity, privilege, honor,” from Latin dignitatem (nominative dignitas) “worthiness,” from dignus “worth (n.), worthy, proper, fitting,” from PIE *dek-no-, suffixed form of root *dek- “to take, accept.”

Hopefully, you’ll find the content here relevant and engaging as we invite you to join the discussion.

Your feedback and participation is welcome in the comments, or feel free to DM us by email at

-Justin Bailey and J Young




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